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A Generation of CursesMy name is Patricia Ann Bridewell. This is my second attempt at blogging. This time around I wanted to use this platform to explore and talk about topics that often come up in my writing.

A few years ago, I teamed up with my co-author Faatima Albasir-Johnson and we wrote A Generation of Curses. The story was based on some of Faatima’s life experiences.  A Generation of Curses has received positive reviews and won a Gold Medal Award in the Christian Fiction category of the 2013 Readers Favorite International Book Award Contest. My agent is currently shopping around my next novel. In my second novel, I started to notice a pattern regarding mental health and/or health issues in my characters.

We often don’t recognize the signs and symptoms of depression or an overload of stress, which both can lead to a debilitation of our mental health.  I am  a Christian, so I will explore the practice of prayer and having a relationship with God, but not downplay seeking professional health.

I’m looking forward to this blogging experience and hope you will find my posts helpful.

P.S. I do want to add that I’m a registered nurse, but all my blog posts are for general information only. Please don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you recognize any signs or symptoms.

God Bless You!

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