National Diabetes Awareness Month: Diabetic Depression Facts

Dictionary Series - Health: diabetesDiabetes is a disease that is undergoing a serious makeover. In the past, in our communities, we’ve somehow minimized the effects of diabetes and its care. National Diabetes Awareness Month is one of the ways that has spotlighted diabetes in a way that informs and instructs about all of the disease’s aspects, including mental health issues.

Below are a few facts about diabetes and depression from the American Diabetes Association:

  1. People with diabetes are at greater risk for depression.
  2. Poor diabetes control can cause symptoms that look like depression.
  3. Some of the physical causes of this type of depression are alcohol use, thyroid problems and side effects from some medications.
  4. Symptoms can be but are not limited to: morning sadness, suicidal thoughts, loss of energy, nervousness and trouble concentrating.

Depression can come between you and the best self-care. According to the ADA, if you experience multiple symptoms pointing to depression, you should seek immediate help. Diabetes is an incredibly hard disease to control and manage, it can be frustrating to do all of the work required to stay alive and healthy. However, you must guard your mental health in order to care for your body properly.

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