Before the Holidays Hit Part 1: Practice Saying ‘No’

HolidayMost of us have a need to be more benevolent during the holidays. Unfortunately, we can sometimes live the crazy consequences of our good intentions. Before the holidays hit and hit hard, practice saying ‘no.’

Why is saying ‘no’ important? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Saying ‘no’ spares you stress related to saying ‘yes’ one time too many.
  2. Saying ‘no’ keeps you from feeling resentful or remorseful for saying ‘yes’ to someone who has you doing more than you anticipated.
  3. Saying ‘no’ leaves you breathing room to relax and actually enjoy the season.
  4. Saying ‘no’ helps you set boundaries with people who would ordinarily pull on you during the season to do almost anything you really do not want to do.
  5. Saying ‘no’ gives you the space to say ‘yes’ to the things that make you happiest.

The holiday season is one of those times most of us feel compelled to be the gift that keeps on giving. After all, giving of ourselves is an expectation. Spreading yourself too thin and saying ‘yes’ to too much activity can kill the joy of the holidays. Before the holidays come, this is a great time to sit and think long and hard about your limitations…before they are tested.

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