Before the Holidays Hit Part 3: Dealing with the Holiday Blues

overwhelmed christmas bearBeginning with Thanksgiving Day there will be four weeks filled with a flurry of activity mark the holiday season. There is bound to be stress and anxiety for many reasons. There is going to be chaos. And there is going to be someone with the “holiday blues.”

The holiday blues can be defined best by symptoms like loneliness, crying fits, moodiness, sadness and depression. The rest of the world appears to be happier and more joyful to the person suffering from these blues. The reasons for these blues range from loss of a loved one to unemployment to health issues and more.

If you’re someone who has suffered from these blues in the past or has gone through a traumatic event that is foreshadowing a bout with the holiday blues, then receive these tips in love:

  1. Reach out to someone or some people who are supportive to let them know how you are feeling. Do not suffer alone in an emotional and spiritual way. Tell someone.
  2. If your blues mirror painfulness, consider seeking professional help to assist you through the season. There is no shame in needing the wise counsel of a professional.
  3. Create your own celebration plan that enables you to be festive without the stress. Choose activities that will not tax you on any level.
  4. Volunteer or take on something that allows you to turn the focus off of your blues and on to someone who perhaps needs some attention.
  5. Exercise and spend time outdoors in natural light. Push your body to move and get some sun to raise those “feel good” hormones.

A healthy sense of well-being – spiritually, emotionally, physically – makes a major difference year round but the holiday season puts a pressure on us to be cheerful even when we do not want to be. Avoid the pressure and take precaution to deal with the whole person for those four weeks and beyond. Don’t let the holiday blues get you down.

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