5 Disciplines Important to My Life as a Writer

chapter 1If you’re always writing or at the very least, thinking about writing, then you’re most likely a writer. I’m a writer. Do you know how many times I had to tell myself that before actually writing a word or completing a project of words? I’m a writer and have chosen to incorporate this thing I love into my lifestyle much like eating and bathing. If eating and bathing require discipline, then so does writing. Let me share a few tips about the discipline of writing that every writer knows or should know. And these tips are in no particular order of importance.

  1. You will write, and write and re-write. Re-writing is essential and a part of the process of producing a really good work. It is a part of the discipline of writing.
  2. Study the mechanics of writing: grammar, punctuation and voice. If you take the time to understand these essentials, then you will be a disciplined writer who knows how to tell a story with grammar, punctuation and voice. [Here is an interesting post for review: Rules of Grammar and Punctuation in Dialogue Writing.]
  3. Setting aside time to write is a matter of discipline. Dedicating time to pursue anything of value is a matter of discipline; writing is no different. Daily or weekly is up to you, but you have to do it. Look for writers’ prompts online to jog your creativity.
  4. Studying the business of writing is a discipline few of us master but need. Read articles at Writer’s Digest online or simply search for articles on the Internet. Don’t wait until you have a finished project to understand the business.
  5. Take care of yourself. Self-care is important and should be regarded as a discipline. Exercise, eat well and right, and get rest.

This is a disciplined lifestyle. Are you up to it? If so, what are some of the disciplines you employ, please share?

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