Notes about a Writer and Wellness

Writing and Ergonomics

I want to thank you for keeping up with my new blog. Christmas is in a few days! Aren’t you excited? I look forward to this time of year with my family.

My line of work in the medical field can be taxing. There are stresses related to what I do daily and there are physical precautions I have to take. However, one of the things I’ve noted as I’ve embarked on a second career as an author is that writers need to guard their health and be mindful of their wellness.

There are some things we have to do to take care of ourselves as we sit for long hours at a computer or even with a pen and pad. Consider the following:

  • What is your posture like? Are you sitting in a chair that adequately supports your back and extremities? Are you sitting in a way that allows for circulation in your legs? [Suggested reading: Writing Ergonomics ]
  • What do you do when your eyes get tired? If you wear eyeglasses, then is your prescription current and good for looking at a computer screen? How do you exercise your eyes? [Suggested reading: Computer Tips for Writers]
  • What are you eating and drinking while you write? Are you carb-loading with all of the wrong carbs like refined sugars (soda pop/cola, candy, junk and fast foods)?  Improper food and drink intake is bad for brain and body care. [Suggested reading: Brain Food for Writers]
  • Do you exercise for increased stamina, energy and brain power? Aerobic activity as simple as a walk around the block can offset some of the harm from sitting long hours. Don’t forget to add your hands and arms.[Suggested reading: Move It or Lose It ]
  • What is your writing environment like? Are you comfortable? Is the room temperature conducive to writing? What about your sensory stimulation? Too much noise or aural distractions? Have you created a music playlist on your iPod or created a Pandora station for when you write? [Suggested reading: Creating an Environment Conducive to Writing]
  • Do you have balance? Do you have a healthy social life and/or hobbies that help you cope throughout the day or relieve some stress? [Suggested reading: 5 Ways to Balance Life]
  • Is your mind uncluttered? It is hard to write when you’re angry or emotional or worried. Do a daily brain dump with prayer and meditation on the Word of God. [Suggested reading: Meditative Prayer for Writers]

Keep these notes handy and reflect on them often as you embark on a career as a writer. It is so important that you take care of yourself. The best way to enjoy the rewards of all of your hard work is to be mindful of your personal health and wellness. Don’t put it off, begin today.

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