Writing for Brain Health

Brain HealthWriting is therapeutic and cathartic. You can dump so much of what’s in your heart and head onto paper and finish three sentences or several hundred pages, and feel absolutely wonderful. Did you know that there are physiological benefits of writing? It is actually great for brain health in a number of ways. Below are some articles filled with tips, information and even activities to promote writing for brain health.

6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health
Read this article to learn about ways writing in longhand can benefit your brain power. There are other facts related to expressive writing as well.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center – The Benefits of Writing for Brain Health [Video]
This is short video that explains the connection between spinal cord injury and the brain.

Reading, Writing and Physical Activity Boost Brainpower
This Psychology Today article takes on the issue of brain shrinkage and share the clinical benefits of reading, writing and moving one’s body. Very informative and includes great tips.

What is a Walking Book Club?
Great blog post that defines a walking book club; the benefits of it to the reader and writer, as well as instruction on how to begin one of your own.

There are also websites like Luminosity.com and National Geographic’s Brain Games that contain both information and interactive games to boost brainpower. Luminosity even has its own apps for smartphones.

Most people who desire to write but make excuses such as a lack of time should consider how de-stressing and helpful to the body writing can be. Do yourself a favor and buy a beautiful journal or a notebook from the drugstore and during your quiet time simply write. Write for your heart and from your heart for your brain.

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