10 Ways to Go Red for Women by Go Red for Women

Go Red for Women -  American Heart Associationin the United States. This is also the 10th anniversary of Go Red for Women an organization that addresses heart wellness and women. To commemorate their anniversary and Heart Month, here are 10 Ways to Go Red as stated on their site.

1. Know Your Heart Score

Learn why it’s important to know your heart score on Go Red. Think you are eating right and getting enough exercise? It takes five minutes to make sure. Take the My Life Check and find out where you stand. You can also take the Go Red Heart CheckUp to get more tailored advice and information to improve your heart health.

2. Live Healthy

Learn new ways to prevent heart disease with heart-healthy recipesexercises and more on Go Red For Women. Our team of cardiologists, medical and fitness experts and nutritionists offer their advice to women like you for living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Know the Signs of a Heart Attack

Watch Go Red For Women’s “Just a Little Heart Attack” video, starring and directed by Elizabeth Banks, to learn how to identify a heart attack. Learn more about the symptoms of a heart attack and stroke on Go Red.

4. Start Walking

Get moving and start walking by starting or joining a walking club with friends or coworkers with the help of the American Heart Association. Sign up, get resources and even coordinate your group online!

5. Wear Red

Brighten your wardrobe and support women fighting heart disease by wearing red and explaining what Going Red means. You can also get a free Go Red For Women Red Dress Pin on the Go Red website.

6. Host a Wear Red Day Event

Whether at work, school or your club, you can host a Wear Red Day event! Our planning guide, posters and flyers will help you put together a great event.

7. Help Your Community Go Red

Help your community Go Red by becoming a Go Red For Women volunteer and encourage local businesses to support Go Red For Women.

8. Go Red Online

Turn your Twitter or Facebook profile picture red using our Red Dress image.

9. Shop for the Cause

There’s never been a better reason to shop online! Go to ShopHeart to purchase products, apparel and more that features the Go Red or American Heart Association logo. One hundred percent of our net proceeds goes toward education about heart disease and stroke.

10. Support Go Red

Create a fundraising page as an individual or for a group. Improve your health, set an example and get friends, colleagues and family involved by attaching your fundraiser to an activity, like an upcoming run or walk in your community. You can also donate to directly contribute to Go Red.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Learn even more ways to Get Involved on Go Red For Women.

Log in HERE and support Go Red for Women. Above all, take care of your heart.

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