Do You Want to Dance?

dancing_coupleI found this video circulating on social media of this middle-aged couple dancing to Eric Benet’s song Be Myself Again and became smitten with how smooth they are on the dance floor. They are experts, Jackie (McGee) and Charlie (Womble), and they are in their 60s. There is something about watching their agility and listening to the lyrics of the song. We know by now that there isn’t a fountain of youth, but we know that there are things we can – like dancing – that can keep our body parts in decent working order and our hearts merry.


Okay, so we probably won’t dance like Charlie and Jackie, but we will move and feel better. So go ahead and put on some of your favorite music and get up and dance.

“I gotta light in my eyes for the world to see
Thank God the music’s back inside of me
It was a long hard road to be a better man
But now I can be myself again”

Eric Benet – Be Myself Again Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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