An Inspired Writer: 10 Things to Do to Shake a Winter Funk and Writer’s Block

House Plants Winter OutsideFew places in the USA have been untouched by winter’s wrath. Spending too much time indoors can make one stir-crazy and stifle creativity. Here are seven suggestions to shake the season’s blues and inspire those creative juices.

  1. Re-arrange your furniture and view. Change the perspective of your work space and change the perspective of the work. Try these suggestions at Apartment Therapy.

  2. Buy a few houseplants to change indoor air quality. Here is a great list found at Clean Air Gardening. Indoor air quality affects the brain’s function as well as your overall wellness.

  3. Incorporate intervals of quick yet effective exercise in daily routine. Try these on Weight Watchers’ site.

  4. If you have an iPod or listen to music from your computer, create mood-enhancing playlists.

  5. Fight the weather, if possible, and go out for some natural air and light for a few minutes a day.

  6. Plan a spring makeover. Pull out a notebook and jot down a few things you’d like to do for you when the weather breaks. Buy a few magazines or visit online magazines for clothing, makeup and hair ideas.

  7. Visit your local newspaper’s event calendar to pre-plan activities for when the weather breaks.

  8. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

  9. If the budget allows, bring in some colorful accessories to brighten up your room.

  10. Try a form of exercise that is foreign to you. For example, take a fencing class or try indoor rock climbing.

Shaking up a routine is sometimes all we need to change our moods as well as inspire new and inventive ways to do what we love. Challenge yourself and you will be surprised.

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