Shift Your Diet for Spring

Fruit and Vegetable BasketWe’ve all nested in some way or another over the winter months. Maybe you even remained faithful to a New Year’s resolution to watch your weight and eat better. Either way, if you’re like most people, you want your body – inside and out – to be ready for warmer weather. Here are a few tips to shift your diet for your weight and well-being.

  • Read “What’s in Season?” to find out which fruits and vegetables are seasonal to spring.

  • Scour culinary sites like Cuisine Noir magazine online for great recipes.

  • Study what-not-to-eat by reading Fitness Mag’s 10 Foods to Never Eat.

  • Reclaim a healthy lifestyle conducive to eating right and well AND staying motivated. Shape magazine has tons of tips.

  • Set realistic goals and write them down.

Another important thing to consider: Clean your kitchen cupboards and your refrigerator. Create a culinary environment that supports your efforts.

Don’t be ashamed to take your coat off in warm weather. Begin shifting your attitude and your diet for a successful and shameless spring.

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