5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Supporting Fellow Authors


L.A. County Library – A.C. Bilbrew Library Branch. 2013. I’m with fellow writers Kennedee DeVoe and Cora Smith

The support I have received has been as essential as my marketing efforts, if not more so. How? Quite simply, that support is a vote of confidence as well as an affirmation of this writing journey.

On occasion, I have had to ask myself the following questions to repay – directly and indirectly – the support I have received from fellow authors. I implore you to ask yourselves these questions not as a mandate but rather as a nudge to rethink the importance of our fellowship of writers.

  1. Will supporting my fellow authors take anything away from my book sales or audience?

  2. How can I support my fellow authors in a way that is genuine and unselfish?

  3. Can I confidently introduce fellow authors to my audience and to the book clubs that support me?

  4. What will my support mean to my fellow authors?

  5. In what ways can I be more supportive?

Those questions are simple enough, but leave yet another question. What are the creative ways we can support one another as authors? We will cover that in a future post.

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