7 Useful Ways to Support Fellow Authors


L.A. County Library – A.C. Bilbrew Library Branch. 2013. I’m with fellow writers Kennedee DeVoe and Cora Smith

I have already raised the question of supporting fellow book authors both new and established in my post 5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Supporting Fellow Authors. The lesson I learned from that exercise is that the question is not whether to serve or not, but instead, how to serve. I am no expert but I know how others have been supportive of me and will share some of those ways with you.

  1. I introduce them using my social networks. It can be a tweet of support or a Facebook status or even a link share of their latest project.

  2. Did you read someone’s work and absolutely love it? Write them a one or two sentence endorsement or testimonial.

  3. Write a brief note of introduction to the book clubs that support you.

  4. Rate and comment on their projects on Goodreads.

  5. Rate and write a review of their project on Amazon and other book seller sites featuring the author you want to support.

  6. Pull a quote out of an author’s work and tag them in a Facebook update or even in a tweet on Twitter.

  7. Write a blog post featuring an author you admire. Send them a few questions to answer to let your reader’s learn more about them.

What are some of the ways in which you support fellow authors? In what ways can we be more supportive? I am incredibly interested to read your responses in the comment section.

One thought on “7 Useful Ways to Support Fellow Authors

  1. “Thank you Ms. Patricia for this blessed information on elevating fellow poets and Authors, this helps me move forward another stuctured step for preparing to become a support for all whom need me.
    Thank you Shihi(shy) Venus ~*~

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