The Writer’s Friend: Your Public Library

County of Los Angeles Public LibraryThis week (April 13-19) is National Library Week in the United States. The theme is “Lives change @ your library®.”

Maybe you’ve seen the social network memes with photos of the old cards found in the back of library books pre-computers. Truly, if you recall those cards and owning a paper library card, then you’re old enough to recall what it was like to dig deep into the catalog or ask a reference librarian for help locating a book, magazine or document for a class project. In some ways, those were the good old days, because we were forced to be resourceful.

The library hasn’t lost its relevancy or appeal. It remains a major resource for writers. Here are a few ways:

  • Free use of the Internet to surf the Web and even write. Some libraries even have computers for public use.
  • Your library may have public meeting rooms or small private rooms, where you can sprawl out papers and your computer to write in lieu of working from home.
  • Access to reference books, the real deal, which you cannot check out or even peruse online without a paid subscription.
  • The ability to read thousands of books in peace or even go through magazines for periods on end.
  • There is even free programming on a variety of subjects, where you can meet authors and receive valuable assistance on something like your taxes.

Here is a challenge. Pay a visit to your local library this week and look at the books in the genre that most interests you. Take the time to study their covers, the titles and the names of the authors who have accomplished the feat of having their books available to people everywhere.

Each and every book or CD or DVD in your library represents at least one life changed all because they pursued what they love. That can be you.

For readers who love to browse libraries for good fiction novels, “A Generation of Curses” by Patricia A. Bridewell  & Faatima Albasir-Johnson is available in the following library locations.
1) A.C. Bilbrew Branch – Los Angeles County Library, (150 E. El Segundo Blvd, Los Angeles, CA )
2) Central Branch, Los Angeles Public Library (630 W. 5th Street – downtown Los Angeles, CA)

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