3 Great Ways to Create Shareable Content on Facebook and Twitter

official-twitter-logo-tile official-facebook-logo-tile Sometimes I am at an absolute loss for content to share on my social feeds. It can be a challenge to keep a steady stream of shareable content for followers and friends. Blog posts are great to share but there are some other ways to give something special to the people who follow you.

  1. Use a tool like HootSuite.com to schedule content for your social networks. Find 12 articles (one per month) online that you want your followers to read and that you find interesting as well. For example, do you like articles about home decorating? Most likely, some of your followers will too.

  2. Post inspirational quotes by some of your favorite authors or thought leaders. There are many sites that have quotes, but Goodreads has a searchable quote page that is really wonderful. Type in an author’s name or a topic to pull quotes to share.

  3. Music found on Youtube.com is always a winner. You can take some time to create a playlist for your networks.

Scheduling and sharing randomly are ways to keep your streams active as well as ways to engage your followers. Take about 30 minutes a week to create content that reflects your values but also gives your followers a little something extra that they may share on their feeds too.

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