5 Things to Know for the Self-Published Author

Self-publishing has come a mighty long way. In the not-so distant past, many of us who are published dreamed of and longed for that huge advance from a major publishing house. However, many of us learned that we own more by publishing our own works. Ownership is great, but with it comes more responsibility. If you’re planning to self-publish, then consider this:

  • Your book is competing for the same attention as the books that are released by major publishers.
  • You should invest in great cover art work as well as a copy writer to pen the marketing aspects of your book like the back cover copy, your bio and a killer summary of the story.
  • Just because someone says they were an English major in college does not mean they are equipped to edit your manuscript. Familiarize yourself with: copyediting, content and/or developmental editing and proofreading. Once you understand how each works, make a solid investment and contract the right people for your book.
  • Don’t wait until your release day to market your book. A good marketing plan begins with a good foundation. Build your foundation with social media and by getting the word out at least six months in advance.
  • Order about 10 to 20 books for giveaways, interviewers and reviewers. Don’t expect reviewers to buy their own books.

If you’re a self-published author reading this post, please share in the comment section below. Tell me some important things to know about publishing your own work.

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