Want to be an Author? Five Investments You Must Make

In order to do better or to reach a goal, we have to make considerable investments. You have to invest the time, energy and even sacrifice in some areas of your life to get what you desire. Being an author requires many sacrifices, but it also requires many investments. I’ve given you five that are very important.

  1. Invest in your computer. Either buy one or invest in the maintenance of the one  you already own. They are like cars. You get regular oil changes and you will need to take your computer to some place like Geek Squad or a computer store for regular maintenance and care.
  2. Invest in establishing yourself as a business. Choose a business name and incorporate it. Here is a quick how-to and guide.
  3. Invest in some author workshops, retreats and even English refresher courses. Every community college has courses in grammar and writing style. Take a class for you.
  4. Invest in some professional counsel: PR, editors, agents, consultants, etc. No one knows it all and we cannot do it all alone. Get help.
  5. Invest in an exercise class or a personal trainer. Get out and get moving. Move that body and keep it healthy, because being an author requires long stretches at a computer. Plus, exercise keeps the head clear.

These are investments few of us consider when we’re in the pipedream phase, but once our writing lives become a reality, then we consider making the investment. Don’t wait, do some of these things now. You’ll be glad you did.



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