5 Ways to Honor Your Favorite Authors

The loss of luminaries Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee has left a huge void in literature and in our world. Those two women inspired and motivated us with their gifts. Both were not only eloquent speakers, but they treasured the written word as authors and as thespians. Their absence has spurred many of us to question who will follow in their footsteps.

Is there a legendary author you admire and who serves as your muse? If they are living or passed on, there are ways you can honor them now.

  1. Become a collector of all of their work. Make their books an esteemed part of your book collection and never lend them out.
  2. Visit Goodreads.com/quotes and read quotes attributed to them as a source of inspiration but also as a means of learning more about them. Share those quotes on your social networks.
  3. Write them letters or send them cards that express their importance in your life. Most authors have sites with contact information, and you can go to the PR/publicity section of their publishing houses to send your messages. Authors rarely hear from readers, and they should.
  4. Read their autobiography or biography to learn more about them as people, but also to glean information on how they regarded the writing process.
  5. Find out their birthdate and send them some love on the social networks if they are alive or simply dedicate a tweet or post to them if they are deceased.

Three ways we can honor our favorite authors is by writing more, reading better, and honing our crafts as storytellers. As Dr. Angelou said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” We can simply do better.


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