Use This Summer to Stretch

Don’t let fall and winter find you rushing to complete some of your goals for the year. Use the sunshine, warm weather and outdoors as muses and push yourself to do some things on your bucket list.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to simply stretch yourself.

For example, if you don’t know how to swim, take lessons. If you have always wanted to take a salsa dance class, find one and ask if you can try a complimentary class.

If you want to be a published author but haven’t written a word. Go online and find some writing prompts to get those juices flowing. Buy yourself a really nice journal or notebook and pen, and make yourself write something if nothing else but “good morning.” Be like Alice Walker and write in longhand; just write.

You know the things you’ve always wanted to try, so you don’t need any more examples. So, here are some reasons to use the summer to stretch:

  • ·         The sun boosts our moods and makes us happy.
  • ·         Work productivity dulls in the summertime and we are more distracted by what we think we’re missing. So don’t miss anything, make time for you.
  • ·         The warm weather provides more flexibility. Inclement weather cannot be used as an issue or excuse to escape some of your goals.

If you have an interest in a writer’s life, then go live. Make yourself do some things that will inform your writing and make it more compelling. Don’t go into the cooler months with regret and panic. And don’t let some of your goals spill over into the New Year. Stretch and push yourself do some of those things now.

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