Don’t Wait for an Invitation, Host Your Own ‘Party’

Pitching your book to a book club can be daunting. Book clubs that are established and organized often schedule out their year with books. Most use new releases for their discussion groups, which means your book may not be considered. Many new authors naively believe that some book club will magically discover their work and invite them to a chat. I say why wait; host your own book club.

Before you protest, thinking hosting your own book chat or club is a vain idea, please consider the following:

  • Author-hosted book clubs and chats is an old idea. It would not be new to you or any author.  James Patterson is a wonderful example of an author that has his own reader communities. Check out his site.
  • At some point, you have to admit two basic yet important things: You have fans and you want people to read your books.
  • An author-hosted club or reader community is book marketing.

Now that you’re convinced to create your own reading community, here are a few ways to begin. Also, revisit my post Creative Ways to Launch Your Book for additional ideas.

  • Invite your readers to a special Facebook group that is open. You can upload your book covers, and study guides. Keep your community engaged by talking about the topics covered in your novel(s).
  • Use Google Hangout or Skype to talk to your readers regularly.
  • Take your group offline by scheduling regular meetings for tea and talk.

Author and book marketer Tyora Moody has done an exemplary job of creating online reader communities. As a result she is being invited to the Coffee and a Good Book Club for an in-person event. The point is she didn’t wait to be invited. She created a community for her cozy mystery novels and its protagonist, Eugeena Patterson, and offers many ways for readers to be involved (with perks).

New novelist Casey Curry has created a drawing for readers who want to host her in an offline or online chat. She is offering a 10% discount on bulk book purchases for book clubs. Again, the point is she is not waiting.

If you have a book club or reader community, then tell me about it in the comment section or send me a tweet. I love hearing from you, so when you start your own, invite me. [Resource for you from The Millions.]



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