5 Reasons Why Writers Should Join a Book Club

You would think the most obvious reason why writers should join a book club would be to promote their own work, but the truth is it is not a good reason. Well, it shouldn’t be a primary reason or the sole reason why you should join a book club. Here are five reasons I believe you will appreciate:

  1. Hopefully, you were a reader before you were a writer. If so, book clubs keep you abreast of what authors are publishing.
  2. Joining a book club offers a respite from writing. You will read for the pleasure of it and no other reason.
  3. It restores your sense of being a reader. Readers are different from writers. The expectations are different. In some cases, the standards are higher. Joining a book club will enable you to relate and empathize with your readers.
  4. Joining a book club enables you to support others, including fledgling and new authors that are often members of book clubs.
  5. It is a humbling experience to be a part of something that is not all about you and your work. Writers and book authors can easily slip into a vacuum world of writing and deadlines. Joining a book club should help you see the panoramic view of being a reader (consumer) and writer (provider).

The stimulation of other people and their perspectives is something all writers need to create great characters and scenarios. It is something we need to do just for us.

Do you belong to a book club? Share you book club with me too. Tell me about your experiences in the comment section. [Resource for you from the NY Times.]



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