Good Things from Book Clubs to Benefit Writers

Good Things From Book Clubs to Benefit Writers

Book clubs do so much more than read and discuss books. Book buying is incredibly important and not to be discounted, but there are other ways book clubs benefit writers. Here are some I’ve discovered on the internet.

Go on Girl! Book Club offers a writing scholarship to unpublished authors and college students.

Black Expressions has an affiliate program that will pay you a flat fee for every new member to their club who pays and joins from your site.

AAMBC will pay you in books to be one of their certified book reviewers.

National Book Club Conference holds an annual conference for book clubs that features some of the biggest literary names mingling and accessible to readers.

African American Literature Book Club is a huge book club that is international in scope. They offer many things for their members including games, quizzes, and crossword puzzles.

Any one of these fine organizations or others found online offer great perks and inspiration to writers and readers. Please share what you know in the comment section. It would be deeply appreciated.



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