Self-Publishing Trends to Move You Forward


One of the biggest fears authors in the making have is about self-publishing their own work. It can be a daunting task with a lot of information to weigh and process. Self-publishing is king and there are some exciting trends that should move you forward with confidence. Let’s look at a few.

The launch of Ingram Spark gives independent authors an alternative to Amazon’s CreateSpace. While both are owned by distribution channels (Amazon and Ingram), Spark gives authors some things not available via Amazon. For one thing, you have one dashboard that handles both e-book and print-on-demand publishing. You can set up your book for either mode for one fee ($49). And probably the best perk is that you have the option to pay for Ingram’s distribution of your book to their global partners.

Bowker has been the traditional publisher’s friend for decades and recently they launched an network for independent authors, by Bowker. It’s like a one stop shop for the business side of self-publishing. You can get your ISBN as well as access many other resources (author/book events, best practices for authors).

Book Design Templates is a cost-efficient and necessary resource for authors who don’t want to struggle with formatting books for self-publication. They are not only affordable but offer bundle packages for templates of multiple types.

The excuses are few and resources abound, so there is no reason to sit on that novel or non-fiction book in your head and/or hard-drive. There appears to be a solution to almost all of your publishing needs. Only you, however, can write the book.

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