5 Things Every Published Author Wishes Readers Knew

5 Things Every Published Author Wishes Readers Knew

As we write and share our work, there are a number of things we wish we could tell readers about us and about the process of writing to publish. Here are a few things I as a published author wish readers to know.

  1. Like you, we had a dream and pursued it. Becoming a published author began with a dream and then we actively pursued making it come to life. It really boils down to finishing something we started.
  2. We take risks with publishing our stories. What are some of those risks? The chief risk is leaving ourselves vulnerable to criticism. So when we put our hard work out into the public sphere for it to be consumed, we also put it out there to be critiqued.
  3. We are business people. We not only create, but we manage the business of creating. We mire through contracts and agreements; profit and losses; and cost centers versus sales.
  4. We are not idea machines. Contrary to popular belief, we struggle with stories and execution. The best ideas come while sleeping, or showering, or when our hands are busy and there is no pen or paper around.
  5. We discover things about ourselves as we write. One of the most gratifying yet surprising aspects of writing is the discovery about some part of us that was not clear. We learn things about who we are as people through our art.

Lastly, we love talking to readers. Invite us to your book chats online and off-line. Host us in your cities and during your club meetings. You inspire us as well. We need you and love knowing who our readers are as people. Bet you didn’t know that tidbit, did you?

One thought on “5 Things Every Published Author Wishes Readers Knew

  1. I enjoy speaking with authors, whether I’ve read, reviewed or plan to read their book. I learned as a reviewer getting to virtually know an author really does help me to understand the story sometimes. Also as I read I take notes so the author and I can discuss. What a relationship, this article was a good read.

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