9 Author and Book Conferences to Follow Online

9 Author and Book Conferences to Follow Online

Writers should be in the conference pipeline as a matter of keeping up with the best practices of publishing. You also find out who is who as well as learn some great marketing tips. Readers should be piped into conference conversations to keep abreast of book releases and author updates. Following author and book conferences online is one of the easiest ways to stay abreast of some exciting things happening in our industry. Let’s look at these 9 below:

National Black Book Club Conference can be followed on Facebook or Twitter. This conference is geared for book clubs but faithful fans of the featured authors can attend and will be in for a treat to be in the same venue as favored authors.

African American Author’s Expo is a great conference and festival to follow. The authors are stellar and one of the most important aspects of it is the celebration of the independent author. It’s a reader-friendly event.

Baltimore Book Festival is one of the nation’s most prestigious book festivals. They offer local authors a place to shine as well as many stages for authors of multiple genres.

Chicago’s Cavalcade of Authors Tour is in its 10th year.  You can meet favorite authors and even some newer writers. It’s a reader’s heaven in the Midwest.

Black Writers And Book Clubs (BWABC) Literacy Festival meets in Memphis, Tennessee. There are workshops for those interested in pursuing a writing career, meet-up opportunities for readers to meet authors, and book clubs can meet their favorite authors too.

The Leimert Park Book Fair is a wonderful venue for readers and writers in Los Angeles, California. Follow their updates for information.

The Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference is a special event held in New Orleans. Featured authors are both local and national in focus.

There are many, many more. Scour the Internet to find more of your own, in your area and that celebrate your favorite authors, genres and titles.

Black Writers on Tour is a conference that features local and national authors in the Los Angeles area.  General admission is free,  and they provide seminars and workshops for adults  and children’s writers showcases.

Los Angeles Black Book Expo –  Continues to celebrate the diversity of the written and spoken word. This is a conference that continues to support authors as well as the Los Angeles community.


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