5 Powerful October Observances for Your Platform


October is a powerful month of observances. We are moving closer to year-end and holiday observances, but this month in particular has 5 observances that are timely to current events and perhaps of interest to your followers, especially female followers. I’ve chosen the following observances to assist you in writing blog post, tweets and updates that can lead to engagement.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ask your followers if they are survivors and currently going through treatment? Reward them with a book. By the same token, reward caregivers and/or write about breast cancer and men. There is a lot you can do with this observance, especially show you care.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Post practical how-tos for your readers such as shelter information or encouragement to leave. You never know who is reading and who needs to escape. Be encouraging using your tweets, updates and the memes you share.

Bullying Awareness Month/National Stop Bullying Month

There are many directions to take with this observance’s focus. As an adult maybe you can discuss adult bullying of senior citizens or workplace bullying.

National Reading Group Month

Is there a reading group that has been helpful in building your author platform? Give them praise in your social media. Blog about them. Say thank you.

Health Literacy Month

Many of us know people who are not well-informed about their own or their loved ones’ health concerns. This is a great month to use your author platform to encourage people to get treatment, become informed and proactive in taking care of their bodies.

Maybe these 5 observances are not of interest to you. Here is a handy online guide: Brownilocks.

What will you use your platform to support in October?

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