Use Your Interests to Market and Forward Your Writing Career

Looking over a list of observances for the month of October it became clear to me that sometimes we as writers believe if we tweet, update, and blog about our work that is enough to sell a book or capture an audience’s attention. I propose that we think beyond book sales and gaining a following to use our writing platforms to express our own interests as authors.

Here are some key suggestions to consider:

  • Make yourself interesting as a person. People are drawn to like-minded and engaging individuals.
  • Share a piece of yourself with your audience. Do you knit or sing? Talk about those things and watch engagement increase.
  • Use your platform to draw attention to a cause you support.

Author Pat Simmons expresses her interest in genealogy on social media. Carleen Brice is an avid gardener and art lover. And Rhonda McKnight engages her Facebook followers about her love for Science Fiction TV and movies.

PR and marketing people will tell you that your book is not enough to attract interest and build a loyal (and buying) following. People are attracted to people. People want to know more about the author. If you’re the shy type, then engage them with some sub-topic in your fiction or the topic of your non-fiction.

How do you plan to share yourself with your audience?

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