Tips on Writing Nonfiction for New Authors

Fiction writing isn’t the only way to be expressive or creative. Nonfiction writing is the bread and butter of the publishing industry with a vast amount of genres loved by the masses. If you are a new writer with a nonfiction book in your hard drive or heart, then follow these tips to bringing your book to publication.

  • Consider the legalities of writing a nonfiction book. Avoid plagiarism, defamation of character, image and content permissions, and other types of suits by understanding the laws governing each and having legal counsel when necessary.
  • Consider relationships if writing a nonfiction memoir or self-help based on personal experiences. There are legal implications, but there are also relational implications to consider, such as telling your story as it affected another person. Does this mean you can’t tell your story? Absolutely not, it means you should be mindful that there could be problems for you. Change names, stay focused on your side and perspective, and other great tactics found here.
  • Consider marketing your book now. Don’t wait until you have a book to build an audience and seek publicity. Start thinking of ways to make your book stand out before it is even finished.
  • Consider how you will publish: self or through traditional publishing. Start researching agents that specialize in your genre as well as publishing houses.  Begin a comparison shop of self-publishing platforms. They are not all equal.
  • Consider scouring bookstores and look at books by nonfiction authors. Ask store workers which authors sell most as well as which genre of nonfiction sells best.

Have fun writing your nonfiction book and keep me informed of its progress.

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