Giving Your Writing a Cause and Purpose in 5 Ways

We all have something we’re passionate about apart from writing. Yes, we love to write but what makes our writing whole and dimensional are the things that move us. Inside of us there are issues and subjects that make our voices rise and our hearts beat faster. For the sake of this post, let’s call them causes and purposes.

Did you know those causes and purposes can be inserted into almost every aspect of your business as an author or writer? Well, here are five ways to consider.

  • Dedicate a percentage of your book sales to support your favorite cause or charity. Don’t be shy in letting your readers know via social media, on the pages of your books or in a simple press release.
  • Volunteer your time as a spokesperson to your favorite cause or purpose-related charity. It is newsworthy but it is also a way to introduce others to what you support.
  • Follow your favorite cause or charity online and follow them on social media, assisting them with sharing their information to your followers.
  • Write your cause or charity into your fiction work.
  • Create your own awareness campaign dedicating your blog and social media to discuss the facts related to the cause.

Thankfully, as writers we’re a well of creative possibilities that can serve multiple purposes at once. We can share ourselves, the things that move us to action, and our beliefs in ways that also inspire the people who read our work. All the while using our gifts to serve.

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