Join the Ebook Club

Ebooks have grown in popularity as the e-reader (electronic reader) has found its way into most of our lives. No real reader will argue the incredible feeling of reading a book made of paper. We will never totally abandon our love for books. At least I won’t abandon that love. However, for the sake of convenience, ebooks can allow us the pleasure of reading without bearing the weight of a real book. So, are you a member of the ebook club?

For the sake of this post, ebook club members are writers who’ve published electronically. You will find many authors who have published traditionally and electronically. There are some who’ve only published electronically, preferring the convenience of publishing on-demand, and even swiftly.

If you’ve not published electronically, and are interested in ebooks as an option, here are a few reasons to do so:

  1. Ebooks are an inexpensive way to become a published author.
  2. Ebooks enable authors to self-publish in multiple formats without having to wait for quotes and cash to pay vanity presses.
  3. Ebooks are great for short form publishing as in the case of novellas and non-fiction how-to books.
  4. Ebooks are excellent options for those who publish traditionally, because your readers won’t have to wait for your next written work.
  5. Ebooks can be a way to test a written work with an audience inexpensively. You can always go back into the lab to tweak the content later.

Are you ready to join the ebook club? Follow my blog for the next few weeks for more information about ebooks. If you’re already a member of the club, tell me about your experiences in the comment section below.



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