10 Fun Facts about Ebooks

The world of ebook publishing is big business. For many years, publishing an ebook was something few understood or even pursued due to the stigma of self-publishing. Corporations like Amazon that manufacture and produce electronic readers established their own resources for e-publishing for authors who wanted their books available for downloading. Ebook publishing is going to be around for a while so let’s explore some facts that may persuade you to e-publish down the road.

  1. In 2013, 21 ebooks dominated the number 1 position on bestsellers lists. Among the top four was an ebook written by J. K. Rowling under the nom de plume Robert Galbraith. It sold for $9.99 and stayed in the top spot for 4 weeks.
  2. Angela Ruiz Robles is the first author of an ebook (1949).
  3. 25% of Americans aged 30 to 44 purchase ebooks.
  4. Almost 70% of U.S. libraries offer ebooks for their patrons to check out electronically.
  5. The fastest growing ebook market is the academic text book market.
  6. Most major publishing houses now sell ebooks from their sites. In fact, sign up for updates from Simon and Schuster, and you could potentially receive a bestseller in ebook form as a gift.
  7. Publishers can charge less for an ebook but receive a higher profit return.
  8. Penguin Random House is the number 1 selling publishing house for ebooks in 2014.
  9. According to Forbes’ citation from a Book Industry study, Amazon is the number 1 e-reader beating out the iPad.
  10. Fiction dominates in ebook sales.

Now, what made these facts fun? Each fact demonstrates the viability of e-publishing a book. E-publishing is a growing industry. Maybe it is time for you to consider a piece of the pie.

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