5 Tips to Interviewing the Women Elders in Your Family

Goodness gracious, how many families have about 100 versions of the same family story? Many. It’s Women’s History Month; why not begin your own family story project with the women elders in your family? Technology can make it very easy to curate information and share it with other family.

  1. Gather your volunteers. Send an email and/or make some telephone calls to round up family members interested in joining you in this project.
  2. Set a date to meet and establish: questions to ask, a criteria and the methods of documenting interviews. Also, do a group inventory of available technology such as scanners, digital cameras (video too) and other gadgets useful to the project.
  3. Inventory family members with the longest memories to be interviewed first. Start with the matriarch and her siblings and in-laws.
  4. Decide how you want to conduct interviews. Some people find it useful to do a family gathering that is videotaped, and each person present has an opportunity to ask questions. Others may find it useful to travel in teams for the interviews.
  5. Schedule a sharing party so that everyone can scan and save photos, documents and information.

There are many ways to document your family tree such as Ancestry.com and you can use that site or others online to download copies and guidelines to completing a family tree.

Are you a genealogy fan? If so, share family projects or tips about documenting family histories in the comment section, please. Happy hunting and happy gathering.



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