7 Reasons Why Sleeping isn’t Slacking

Too often those of us who are driven and ambitious to complete writing projects forget the importance of sleep. We think sleeping is an optional function of our humanity, when in fact, the opposite is true. Sleep is non-option, and we desperately need it.  Sleeping isn’t slacking, and here are 7 facts about sleep you should consider before your next all-nighter.

  1. Sleep improves memory. The mind in the restful state of sleep is better able to retain information.  As a writer, memory is important.
  2. Sleep is good for a longer life. Living on less than 5 hours of sleep per night is dangerous to your heart and other vital organs. Put those organs in danger and you take your life into your own hands.
  3. Sleep spurs creativity. If sleep is great for brain health, imagine what you will be able to accomplish creatively after a good night’s sleep.
  4. Sleep gives you more stamina. Sleeping can make you endure physical labor and other tasks for longer durations.
  5. Sleep lowers stress. Stress is poison to cardiovascular health while sleep is great for it, so it makes sense that sleeping is heart healthy and can lessen the damage of stress.
  6. Sleep keeps you alert. An adequate amount of sleep can improve your ability to make the proper perceptions and observations necessary to avoid accidents.
  7. Sleep is good for a healthy disposition. Studies have shown how important sleep is to depression and anxiety, but it can also improve irritability.

Sleeping is essential to our well-being as writers and creatives. Forget all of the clichés about sleeping when you die. Sleep now and live even longer.

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