Tips to Unlearning Bad Health Habits

Many of us grew up in families that practiced unhealthy habits that we carried right into adulthood. We even learned more from peers and others along the way. While there are many products and practices to reduce the signs of aging on the outside, it’s what’s going on inside of us that could lead us to early graves. That said, here are some tips to unlearning the things that are not good for us.

  1. Give up the need to express yourself with anger and yelling, and embrace a mindful approach to resolving issues. The yelling and screaming could make you feel better for a second but the affect it has on the body and brain is deathly.  High blood pressure is exacerbated, which can cause strokes and even a heart attack. If this way of expressing yourself is what you learned growing up, it’s time to ditch it.
  2. The myth of the strong black woman is showing itself false by the high numbers of us with heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, M.S., lupus, and other diseases that are worsened with stress. Unlearn having to carry the burdens of everyone, and learn how to say no. Learn how to clear your own plate of some items that can be shared or dispensed to others in your life. Learn that you do not have to do it all to prove yourself worthy.
  3. Unlearn some of the ways you prepare your food and eat. Eating on the fly is just as bad as sitting and eating meals ladened with fat. What have you savored? Can you walk away from a meal feeling like your health is better for it? Many of us have learned that eating and food are love. It’s time to make eating and food love us back, and the best way for that to happen is to take the time to learn new ways to prepare it, and eat it that honors your body.
  4. Stop making age an excuse for why you can or cannot do. The concept of aging gracefully is overrated and often taken out of context. Age does not have to stop you from doing anything good for you and your well-being. Exercise, take up a new sport or activity, go on a trip, get a college degree… The list is endless, and most importantly, beneficial to you living a quality life.
  5. Lastly, unlearn what you have chosen to believe that you cannot learn. It’s that simple. You can learn to manage your temper, change the way you prepare and eat food, say no, and defy aging. You can also learn that as long as you have a working mind, you can learn anything you desire.

If you do nothing else for you, then commit to unlearning some of the things you thought right for you but no longer serve you or your life well. Commit to breaking some of those unhealthy habits before they break you.

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