5 Ways to Channel Your Writer’s Muse(s) and Have Fun

Spring is most definitely a time for renewal, so why not include renewing your writer’s muse or muses? Inspiration is everywhere, but just in case you are having a hard time finding it, create your own. All you need is your imagination.

  1. Do you have a favorite color? Pull out a pad and write up to 20 reasons why it is your favorite color and/or how you feel when you see it.
  2. What would you do if you received a call from Oprah saying she wanted to interview you on OWN? What would she ask you? What would you say to her? Describe how you would prepare. Note how you would feel knowing she chose you. Write it all down.
  3. Play dress-up. Go into your closet and find something you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Put it on in full regalia – the shoes, purse, and jewelry – and allow yourself the fun of being another side of you for a short period of time. Take note of how you feel. Soak in the moment. If you can’t dress-up, then walk around in your sweats and high heels, or wearing fancy baubles.
  4. Watch 30 minutes of a TV program or movie you have no interest in whatsoever. Suffer through it and then write down your thoughts about the program and the experience.
  5. If time permits, drive to a part of your city you’ve never explored. Go into a coffee shop or somewhere that provides a corner so you can take note of your surroundings privately. Write down all of your observations.

These are just 5 suggestions, but there are myriad ways to stir your creative juices. Did you notice anything about these 5 exercises? Well, each is a way of changing your perspective, which will enable you to write from a deeper place of experience. Your fiction and non-fiction editorials will be richer and more descriptive all because you will have drawn from your imagination and brain resources. Most important, you will be renewed to write with purpose and passion. Please share things you do to loosen up your inner creative in the comment section.


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