National Nurses Week – Founder Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN – Nurse Nicole Enterprises, LLC

Nicole Brown pictureEntrepreneur “Nurse Nicole” Educates Young Children on Nursing and Health!

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN is the Founder of Nurse Nicole Enterprises LLC and an award-winning author of The Adventures of Nurse Nicole – N is for Nurse & Wash Your Hands. In addition, she has developed an animated DVD titled’ “Battle of the Germs” depicting a mom and a nurse fighting germs.  She has Nurse Nicole and Nurse Linda 18 inch dolls coming this year.

Entrepreneur Nicole M. Brown, RN believes everyone should have a nurse mentor before, during and after nursing school. She is also, the founder of the Nursing Success College, where she mentors student and professional nurses. She is the author of  “You Can Become A Professional Nurse” which is coming out this
May. The You Can Become a Professional Nurse tele-summit this May. She is planning her next book “The 6-Figure Income Nurse” and a tour with the Nursing Success Career Expo staring in the fall of 2015.

Nicole holds a AD in Nursing from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College (class of 1994), BS in Nursing from Old Dominion (class of 1997), an MS in Nursing from University of Phoenix (class of 2007) and Doctor of  Nursing Practice candidate from Walden University  (class of 2015).  She is dedicated to providing positive images of Nursing to the world.

Mission: To Educate the World through the Art & Science of Nursing.

For more information, please visit  or email

For more information, please visit or email

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