National Nurses Week – Chizellé T. Archie, RN, Author of His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!

Chizellé T. ArchieChizellé T. Archie hails from Atlanta, Georgia by way of the sunny Gulf Coast of Mobile, Alabama. As an only child, Chizellé would always find other means of play, because of this; she was left to her dreams which would seldom take her to places beyond her imagination. Her persistence, and determination were her greatest attributes, and never being the one to take no for an answer, she always knew there were bigger and greater things in store. Chizellé’s inspiration, and the joy of her life is her daughter Freedom Jah’an, which if anyone asked, was not supposed to be here, but God in His infinite wisdom said otherwise! She’s also a Registered Nurse for the Infectious Disease Program with Grady Health Systems.

She attends the Elizabeth Baptist Church in Southwest Atlanta, under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Craig L. Oliver Sr. While under his leadership she has been blessed beyond measure. From his teachings, she began to understand her past was just that … the past and that God had a plan for her life, and The Best was Yet to Come! She credits her Pastor with a sermon that ultimately changed her life, “Walking in the F.O.G.” The Favour of God, and after realizing she is worth more than she could ever imagine, thus she adopted the motto: “It’s Not Where I’ve Been; it’s Where I’m Going.”

Several years ago, after noticing the alarming statistics of the HIV rate of African American women, Chizellé became fed up with the way her African American brothers and sisters (young alike), were beginning to settle for any and everything, in that having safe sex was not an option anymore. As far as the women, as long as he drove a nice car, lived in a fine home, or better yet if he was able to “make it rain,” that was satisfaction enough. As far as the men, as long as she had a car, maybe a job, or had enough money to pay for her “own drink in the club,” then … everything was good. Lastly, what disturbed her most was there are so many people sitting in the church pews each Sunday masking their hurt, because of the stigma associated with this epidemic, and yet the one place they feel most comfortable is the one place that leaves them feeling so alone.

In 2010, Chizellé landed on the literary scene with authority, and it was with great fortitude that she penned her debut novel, The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond, in which her life experiences have allowed her to grab hold and take nothing less, realizing she is a Diamond!

She recently released the sequel, His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy! which continues to deal with the affects of the HIV rate, especially among young people.

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