Eat Right to Write Well

Of course, writing well involves more than eating right. You have to know the mechanics of writing, write like your life depended on it, and re-write constantly. However, eating the right foods can fuel your brain to be more creative and clear in your writing as well as fuel your productivity.

  • Choose foods that are not heavy or sleep-inducing to maintain your focus, your energy, and your productivity. Heavy foods deplete energy and fog the brain. Avoid them during the time you’ve set aside for writing.
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. They not only give your energy but provide antioxidants that fight aging and disease. The beauty of fruits and vegetables is that you can eat more and worry less about caloric intake. Avoid loading them with dips and creams.
  • Keep a pitcher of iced green tea in the refrigerator to boost your brain activity during long stretches of writing. Don’t use sugar and if you need it sweetened use something stevia or a small amount of raw honey. Too much sugar is like eating a cupcake and will defeat the purpose of drinking the tea.
  • Eat breakfast and eat a breakfast with protein and whole grains. Breaking the morning fast is essential to brain productivity and nourishment. Keep it light and healthy and you can write well without feeling sluggish.
  • Stay hydrated and drink loads of water. Infuse your water with fresh fruit, if you are not a water drinker.

These are just a few suggestions. Go online to one of the many health-related sites to find recipes, foods, and more that assist with brain activity and productivity. If you have any suggestions, we’re open, so leave them in the comment section.



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