Three ‘New’ Ways to Market and Sell Your Writing Online

The three ‘new’ ways are only three old ways perfected. News in the past few weeks about changes in three social mediums could be helpful to how you market and sell your writing online.


Did you know that you can publish your blog posts and book excerpts on LinkedIn? Well you can, and you should. Yes, you have always had this ability, but you can extend it to groups on the social network, and now you have the ability to access your post’s analytics and learn more about who is reading your content and when. Read: New Analytics for Publishing on LinkedIn.


In the coming weeks, Pinterest for business will enable users to create buyable/action pins. You will be able to add these buttons and those who share and/or see your pin will have the ability to purchase right from the mobile app (Apple and Android) and from the desktop. Have you registered as a Pinterest business? If not, visit HERE and do so. Need more information about buyable pins? Read: Coming Soon! Buyable Pins.


The visual social network Instagram has launched two important features for business: carousel photo and video ads. Brand carousel photos enable you to post multiple photos to a single frame as well as photos in the same set. Video ads are similar in function. Why is this so important? You can use your imaginations to tell the story of your book or product in a visually interesting way. Search online for blog posts about using Instagram to sell your book too.

Have you tried anything above? If so, you know we want your feedback below in the comment section. Share your knowledge with us, please.

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