7 Great Ways to Expand Your Online Writing Territory

Many of us are playing it too safe with our writing. We want to build platforms as writers and authors but we don’t want to move beyond our products and blogs. Essentially, we end up playing to the same audience all of the time when we should expand and meet new potential readers. So, how do we do expand our online writing territory?

  1. Create content partnerships with your blogger friends. Write something for their blog or blogs, and have them write for yours.
  2. Contact your local daily and weekly newspapers to see if they allow citizens to blog on their sites.
  3. If you have a niche, like caregiving, do a Google search for organizations that host their own blogs and ask to be a guest blogger.
  4. Do you have a favorite blog? If so, send a note to the publisher and ask if they are accepting guest posts or just look to see if they have a submission policy.
  5. Perhaps you can be paid for blogging with the Examiner or About.com.
  6. Collect your best writing and showcase it at Contently.com, a really cool social site for writers.
  7. If you like long form blogging, then try Medium.com as a platform that is prime for authors. Very simple to use, Medium allows you to create your own categories and attach your work to the categories created by others.

It’s really easy to spread your writing around. Why wait for an invitation when  you can create your own opportunities?

Do you have any ideas to share with us? Tell us in the comments some ways we can share our work.

One thought on “7 Great Ways to Expand Your Online Writing Territory

  1. Nice – hadn’t heard of Contently. Might also suggest pitching (and looking up how to pitch) to paying magazines/newspapers. If you’ve got a good idea, they’ll want it too.

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