Social Media Practices to Schedule on Your Calendar

It’s very nice to outsource some of your work in order to save time and focus on your writing, but now and again, it is important to be hands on with your social media. Social media posting can be tedious and time-consuming but your followers should hear your ‘voice’ and feel your personal ‘touch’ on some of your updates. Here are a few reasons to open up your calendar and schedule some time to devote to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

  1. Schedule time to reply on posts and to your tweets. Do this at least twice a month so that people know your account is active and that you as a user are real and appreciative.
  2. Schedule time to write your own personal updates and tweets. Here is a very simple tool to use to count your Twitter characters: Twitter Character Count.  If you are creating your own quotations, then it’s okay to do this at least 3 times a year and have your updates/tweets scheduled into the next year too.
  3. Schedule time to shout out (tag, tweet, re-tweet) others. This is to let people know you see them, and it is a great way to keep content flowing on your social media networks. A couple of hours quarterly should suffice.
  4. Schedule time to have or make memes that celebrate the holidays and observances important to you. If you devote a few hours to this practice at the start of the New Year, then you won’t have to do it on the fly as the holiday or observance takes place.
  5. Schedule time to look at the social accounts of people you admire for inspiration. You can do this at any time you please, but if you put it on your calendar the pleasure will be less guilty.

Yes, social media maintenance is time-consuming but you need and desire the platform for book sales and other marketing reasons, right? Schedule time in like a doctor’s appointment and you won’t regret it.

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