Including Health and Aging Issues in Your Writing

September is National Healthy Aging Month and a great time to assess personal needs and goals, but also a great time to assess how health and aging can factor into your writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction writer, non-fiction writer or blogger; there are ways to address health and aging that are creative as well as useful to your readers.

Tyora Moody has created an amazing series about a feisty baby boomer, Eugeena Patterson. Eugeena as a character deals with diabetes and some other health issues associated with aging. Tyora has a dedicated blog that has advice written in Eugeena’s voice that offers practical advice and information about healthy aging.

Nutritionist, dietician and trainer Renee Wiggins of Results by Renee not only blogs about health and aging, but she also offers e-books, books, and consultations to women who want to change their lifestyles. She has webinars and customizes shopping lists, tips and more for her clients and readers. Renee is also a baby boomer who is transparent about her own discoveries about healthy aging.

Caregiving is becoming a widely discussed topic as some Generation X and baby boomers take on the task of caring for aging parents and loved ones. If that is your experience, write about it in your fiction or in blog posts. There are even online resources like The Caring Space that will take your personal stories as submissions.

Do you maintain a Facebook author’s page or a Twitter account? Well, use those spaces to inform your followers about healthy aging with shared articles and even tips. Need some facts? Explore Black Doctor online and read this article by Dr. Leandris Liburd.

What are some of your ideas and practices? Please share in the comment section. Sharing is caring. Thank you.



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