The Shameless Promotion Challenge

Forget hiring a publicist. You are going to shamelessly promote your work and you in this challenge. Why a challenge? Well, if you are an author or someone who endeavors to sell a project or book, then promotion is important. People want to know the flesh and blood behind the book they are reading and the product they are buying. Truthfully, it is arrogant of an author to think a book just sells itself or that a publicist is the only way a book is promoted. No, we have got to put some elbow grease into the process too. Here are a few things I am asking you to do to shamelessly promote yourself this month:

Sit down and compose 15-30 updates for your social networks that reveal a little about you. Share a favorite book, song (use a video or Spotify), author or restaurant. Post a pic of a lunch you’re having in a favorite restaurant or that you’ve cooked at home. Give people a little glimpse of you on social media.

Pay someone to create promo memes featuring your photo and your book or product to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let people see who you are and what you have created.

Go over to and search out show hosts. Find one and send an email to them requesting time to discuss your project or some personal cause you support. Get yourself booked on that podcast now.

Do you belong to one of the author groups on Facebook? If so, post about your book and ask people to support you. Just ask. Many people belong to those groups without putting themselves out there as authors. Are you one of those people? Post your book or project now.

This week you will meet new people, and when you do, tell them you’re a writer, author or whatever else you’re shy about sharing due to a lack of confidence. Confess it out loud. Tell someone. It will not kill you and if anything you could sell a book or service.

Post a selfie at least five times this month. You can do it. Your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Instagram chums do it all of the time to the point of irritation (and fascination). You do it too. Do it five times just to say you have posted a selfie.

Hire a graphics person or do it yourself, but change your Facebook and Twitter covers to include your face, your book(s) or your project. Shamelessly promote you using the first thing people notice on your profiles. Do it for 30 days. Surprise yourself.

You can hire a publicist but the ultimate accountability rests in your lap as a writer or personality. Famous people don’t wait for people to tell them they are famous, they shamelessly promote themselves first and last. You can do it too.

Have fun and tell me in the comment section how well you’ve done with this challenge.



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