Going Back in Time

Do you plan to write a historical fiction novel or short story? Or maybe you have a chapter that requires a flashback and you need some historical accuracy. Try these tips and resources to help you do so in simple steps.

  • If the year is not one in which you were alive, then consult Fact Monster (insert year in search box) or Infoplease to research anything from movies and music to who the president was during the era you’re writing about.
  • Need popular music references? Go to Billboard Top 100 for lists of music by year and genre.
  • Want some fashion history? The Vintage Fashion Guild has a great encyclopedia timeline.
  • If your story includes the mention of TV programs, then this site – Television Firsts – has information about programs and different types of televisions.
  • Aschmann online is a resource for learning about American English dialects. They also have pronunciations.
  • Libraries have databases that can give you articles and books that deal exactly what you’re looking for historically. The Penn State Library system has a great list, but your local library will most likely have the same databases available to you online.

Writing historical fiction of any kind requires patience and serious research. It involves dedication depending on your project.

What resources do you use? Please share them in the comment section.

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