7 Easy Ways to Market Your Book during the Holidays

Most authors shut it down during the holidays. There are few new book releases and book marketing budgets are low due to personal holiday spending. All is not lost. Here are 7 ways to market your book while you enjoy some rest.

  1. If you are the author of multiple books, sell them in bundles. This works well for books within a series. Reduce the price to reflect a special discount and sell them together as a gift set.
  2. Offer a special price for signed/autographed copies of your book(s) that can be purchased directly from you.
  3. Partner with other authors to cross-sell your books as a gift set. Schedule advertising using a tool like Hootsuite.com.
  4. Use your e-mail list to not only thank readers and supporters but offer them special discounts for buying your book(s) in bulk to give as gifts.
  5. Create a meme or graphic for Facebook and Twitter advertising your own holiday sale. Pin it at the top of your Facebook and Twitter profiles and make sure to schedule tweets to support your sale at least twice a day until the sale is over.
  6. Search for holiday gift guides for authors online and see if you can participate. If it is too late, create your own holiday gift guide.
  7. Create a contest for a gift basket or gift card to say thank you to your readers. At the same time offer a discount or other specials too.

Book marketing doesn’t have to be painful or laborious. Even if you do not sell much during the holiday season, you are continuing your marketing efforts. Do you have your own ideas? If you don’t mind sharing, please tell us in the comment section.

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