Engaging Followers and Supporters This Holiday Season

Most of our efforts as authors are focused on sales. We write not only for our good pleasure and callings, but we also write to uplift. Book sales mean a lot but it is the people who buy the books that mean the most. Do not forget them. Here are a few ways to engage them and uplift them during this season of giving.

Don’t forget to say thank you. Say it in as many ways as possible. Yes, you can offer discounts and contests, but you can also offer you. Be as personal as possible in rendering your thanks to the people who support your work.

Give them more of you. Instead of automating messages that are without much personality, post messages that are in your voice and that reflect your heart. Talk directly to the reader(s) and follower(s) that are grappling with grief, loss, depression and illness during the holiday season. Let them know you have a pulse and that you have a finger on theirs.

Animate yourself by posting holiday music and videos you love. Share memes that make you laugh and smile. Most likely, your followers will laugh and smile too.

Food makes people talk. Post recipes and food photos found online. Ask them questions like “Who is bringing the potato salad to the family dinner?” or “What’s your holiday menu look like?”

Shout them out. Take the time to scroll through your Twitter and Facebook accounts to call out a few of the faithful.

Create a Follow Friday tweet or two that calls them out with a thank-you. Or take the time to answer individual comments on some of your posts.

Engaging your followers is a way of letting them know you see them and appreciate them. It takes a few minutes a day but the holiday season is a great time to do it. You never know who you will bless by doing so.


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