December is a Great Time to Set Your Writing Life in Order

It’s the last month of the year and before you know it, January 2016 will be staring all of us in the face. This is a great time to set your writing life in order for the New Year. Schedule some escape time from all of the holiday hustle and bustle to perform some simple tasks to help you meet next year with some order and enthusiasm.

  • Buy a 32 GB flash drive or an external hard drive to clean out your computer’s hard drive and create more space. Do the same thing with your cloud space such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Download files and photos as well as delete them to make space.
  • Inventory your tech needs. Do you need to take your computer in for an overhaul or for some maintenance? This is a great time to schedule it. Do you need to price a new printer or tablet? Take advantage of holiday sales or simply put what you need on a wish list.
  • Spruce up your home office. Clean it, re-arrange furniture, and get it ready. Maybe you need a new desk or chair or it’s time to paint. Create the space of your dreams. Pinterest has tons of inspiration like this Home Office board.
  • Study the social media of authors you admire and who are successful. Plan to implement some new strategies in marketing your books and yourself as an author.
  • Bring your bio – on your website and social media accounts – into the future. Does it read like you’re a new author or writer yet you have been at it awhile? It’s time to present yourself as someone who has a track record. Edit out everything that makes you look like a newbie, and showcase your most recent accomplishments.

There are so many other things you can do such as change your photos and graphics; schedule inspirational quotes and excerpts on social media; and sit down to write out story ideas. Writing is a lifestyle, so embrace it and get ready for something new in 2016.

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