2016 Literary and Publishing Trends You Should Know

Sometimes understanding and observing trends can be beneficial to emerging and existing authors. The reason is simple: Writing is a business. You don’t have to heed all of the trends or be obsessed with following them, just be mindful of their existence as you create and even develop a marketing plan for your work.

An Aging Book Buying Market

Baby Boomers turn 70 in 2016, which means a different set of needs and a few different issues. All can equal opportunity. Consider these factors:

  • Even self-publishing authors will need to print books for this audience with a larger print
  • Topics will change and even the need for covers that reflect that population
  • Research will be required to find out which ways your older buyers prefer their books: electronically or traditional


Publishing is no longer simply traditional and electronic, it now includes audiobooks, and audiobooks in some genres are now outselling electronic and traditional. For more information, you can read Jeremy Olshan’s article for Marketwatch “Forget e-books…

Mobile Phone Dependency

More readers are using their smartphones for reading books. Screens are getting larger and publishers are experimenting with mobile versions of their authors’ works. If you self-publish, then this is an option worthy of exploration and study.

Social Media Shifts…

Scheduled posts and the occasional promotional meme are good for keeping timelines busy, but there has been a shift in social media socializing. Readers tend to buy more frequently from writers and authors who actively engage them as in (1) speak directly to them and (2) consider them as people. Check out the social media profiles of Terry McMillan, Beverly Jenkins, and Anne Rice as examples.

These are a few trends, and you can explore more online. Certainly gives us much to think about, doesn’t it? Have you noticed any of these gradually playing out in the last year. If so, share in the comment section.


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