Using Winter to (be) or Find Your Muse

Inspiration can come in any form and at any time. While writer’s block is real, it is not a rule or something hard to combat. All writers have a muse or muses. Winter can provide some seasonal limitations, but it is not without its inspirations. Here are some tips to finding a muse or muses to fuel those writing juices.

  • Instead of viewing snow or snowstorms as hindrances, observe their details. Just observe things like the way snowflakes fall or how car tires sound on pavement. How does the sun reflect on freshly fallen snow? How does it reflect on old snow?
  • Use your cold weather habits to give you insights into characters and their actions. Do you have a certain way to make hot chocolate or tea? If so, insert it into a story with great detail.
  • Do you binge watch DVR’d TV programs in the winter? Which ones? Why? Maybe one of your characters watches the same programs.
  • What do you love and hate about winter? Write about it.
  • Does winter make you feel restricted in any way? If so, write about it, because those same feelings can adequately describe how a character feels.

Winter is a great time to hibernate and nest. But it is also great time to write and be creative. Sometimes muses show up unexpectedly and inspire us, but most times we have to look for them. Use my examples but I’m certain you have a few of your own.


One thought on “Using Winter to (be) or Find Your Muse

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