7 Success Tips for Indie Authors

Do you plan to self-publish a book, short story or novella this year? If so, you have probably waded through the competition and work required to successfully market your book. Yet there are a few things successful independent authors do to stay relevant and credible to readers.

  1. They invest in themselves by hiring contractors to help them deliver quality products to their readers. They contract book cover artists, illustrators, copy editors, proofreaders and book marketers. Why? Because they know their books are competing with books published by big publishing houses with bigger budgets.
  2. They collaborate with other authors and professionals. Selling a book is not a project to embark on alone. You cannot live in a vacuum. Successful indie authors share the spotlight at book events, on social media and in other ways. Sometimes they offer chapters for anthologies.
  3. They use social media platforms to build audiences that they engage with regularly.
  4. They treat their readers and fans well. They know how to say thank you to the people who support them.
  5. They treat themselves well in the sense that they consider their own wellness. Writing is hard work that can be stressful and self-publishing is taxing. Successful authors know when to shut it down and rest.
  6. They know how to read criticism. A successful author will know when they are reading fluff about their work, unfounded criticism that is too harsh, and the criticism that will help them grow.
  7. They write. Successful independent authors write often without validation and reward. They write.

The independent publishing market is a hard one but the authors driving it are doing so with excellence, perseverance, and tenacity. Who are some of your favorite independent authors?

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